WHM/CPanel Administration

WordPress Administration

Providing install, setup, backup, restore, security, repair, integration, customization, and support.

Hire Core3K to keep your server secure.

You are all setup with your new WHM/CPanel install. You are thinking that it will automatically take care of everything. What do you do with all those notices from your server? System down, kernel needs updating, server needs reboot, someone tried to hack in. Autmated systems are great, but you need a professional systems administrator to respond to these notices and ensure your server and websites are secure.

This is what Core3K does. Specializing in WHM/CPanel administration services and well as implementing secure setup and monitoring.

At Core3K we are dedicated to assisting small business run a WHM/CPanel server. Providing proactive security protocols and methods to limit intrusion and misuse your server and websites.

As well as single and multi WordPress sites.