Welcome to my company website.

I am the RayJ. – pronounced RayJay…

I started programming computers in 1982 on an Apple IIe. I learned the Apple Basic programming language. Since then I have continued to learn any and all things about computers. Hardware, networking, and coding. Programming is my passion first and foremost. I have been actively and professionally writing code since 1992.

For me, coding is more than a technical skill. It is an art. Concept, design, create, debug, update, test, implement. I see coding as an artist sees painting. I read about programming, think about programming, talk about programming, learn about programming, and dream about programming.

I can code via: PHP, PERL, Java, Rebol, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Delphi/Pascal, C, C#, C++, MySQL, and MSSQL.

I am a Linux person. I prefer open source. Prefer not to support the secret worlds of those other operating systems.

I do most of my coding on a “A fast and lightweight IDE” called Geany. My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 .

I have traveled a bit. Visiting about half the states in the US. I have visited the following countries: Japan (Tokyo), China (Hong Kong), New Zealand (various), Italy (various), and Thailand (various). I have landed at airports in Taiwan and Germany (while traveling) but did not get the chance to visit.


I started my company under another name on or about February 2010. Within a year or two, I was sent a “cease and desist” letter from a company that has a trademark on the name (and domain name) that I used. I could have fought it, but my lawyer advised me against it. So, I changed my company name to Core3K (core, as in computer processor core, and 3K is 3000). I also trademarked the name CORE3K(r).

I do all my programming work under my business name. Even though I am a one person operation.

Many thanks the these people

simplu27 from Pixabay for the WP image.

Dave Savic from ICONFINDER for the social icons.

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Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, WordPress, WHM/CPanel, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

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