Core3K Licensing Agreement

The term “Core3K” means “Core3K, Inc.”, “”, or “Ray W. Johnson”. Core3K® is a registered trademark of Core3K, Inc.

The terms “Software” and “software” mean any code (plugin, theme, custom code) written by Core3K.

Core3K retains all copyrights to any software created by Core3K. All Core3K software is automatically licensed when created.

Core3K base software licensing:

  • Software must be installed by Core3K.
  • Software can only be used on a single domain.
  • Software is not transferable.
  • Core3K retains ownership of software.
  • Core3K must be notified, in advance, of any intended or requested changes to the software or installation location.
  • Changes to the domain where any Core3K software is installed, can be authorized by Core3K. Authorization is required prior to any changes.

In the case of software derived from other developers work, only the modifications made by Core3K are effected by this license. Core3K makes no claim of ownership/licensing for the original developers work or code, that derived Core3K software, may be based on.

Core3K will provide bug fixes and minimal support for software for a minimum of 1 year after install. “Minimal support” is at the discretion of Core3K only. Continued or extra support will be implemented by contract only.

Modifications to these licensing terms can altered by contract, on a case by case basis, and such modifications only effect code and domain designated by the contract.

This license can be altered by Core3K an any time. Any changes to the license effect new installations of software. Previous installations of Core3K software are effected only if the licensee agrees, otherwise those software installs continue to be licensed under the license agreement they were installed under.